Many have asked me these questions,
many have been curious before,
I’ve had some answers, I’ve had few objections,
but I’ve never said no to ‘more’.

Has ‘more’ ever had any benefit?
Has ‘more’ brought me extra joy?
No, but wanting ‘less’ would’ve made me a hypocrite,
And I’ve always been an unusual boy.

‘Unusual’? Maybe that’s the problem,
We’re all pretending to be one of a kind,
But would you please spare me the trouble,
And shed the tear that’s in your eye?

Because if always wanting ‘more’ has made me ‘unusual’,
And denying ‘less’ has made me put up all this fight,
Tell me I wasn’t something typical, casual,
Or stay quiet, knowing I’ll never give up.

If I did, I’d have to settle down for ‘less’ and,
Don’t you know by now?
‘More’ has lifted me high enough,
To never ever settle down.

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