Jane’s song.

So if Jane exists, i’d so like to know,
I would kill to know, why she hates me so,
Who do I have to ask for love,
Who do I have to ask for faith,
Is there anyone above,
Or it’s all in our heads
Because at times you’d swear,
All the shit happens at once,
It never comes to an end,
When there’s an ‘once’ there’s a ‘twice’
Been on top of the world,
Being there felt so good,
But it happened me to fall,
And I swear that I would,
Trade everything I’ve got,
For more pain in my knees,
I ain’t asking a lot, Jane,
Are you easy to please?
There are points in our lifes
Where the stuff’s hard to deal,
There’s no guide there to ask,
We’ve got to do what we feel,
And I act based on impulses,
But at times, damn, they’re picky,
So I’ve got to think fast,
Be the one here who’s tricky,
And I know I’ve made mistakes,
They could all go on a cruise,
And that wouldn’t be enough,
So instead I get a bruise,
For everything I’ve done wrong,
I know there ain’t no turning back,
So I put my hands above, and ask for another night,
Jane are you easy to please, am I good enough,
I know nothing comes at ease, but you’ve been acting quite rough,

Please give me back what I’ve lost,
If you really care,
And if it all has a cost,
Ask me if you dare.

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