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Don’t worry about your legacy Beyonce;4 has solidified your already stable position as pop’s queen, and I don’t think anyone will forget your name for quite some time.

i don’t know much about guns, but i’ve been shot by you.
ain’t nobody tellin’ me this ain’t love, but you‘re immune to all my pain.
it hurts my pride to tell you how i feel, but i still need you.
i bet it sucks to be you right now.
i may be young, but i’m ready, to give you all my love.
‘cause i’d rather die young, than live my life without you.
i know that this will hurt you, i know that you will cry.
you‘re the one i love, baby you‘re the one i need.
still the one i need, i will always be with you.
i will love you till the end of time.
i just want you to know, that i did my best, gave my all.
boy i know you love it how we’re smart enough to make these millions.

prea frumos album. 😀 multe stari, versuri frumoase, o voce frumoasa si atat de multe chestii pe care le transmite, incat e cam greu sa le discuti, mai usor sa le asculti! ha.

beyoncé – 4.

Un gând despre „4.

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