little dreamer.

now i lay you down to sleep,
i pray we’ll meet inside my dreams,
if i should go before i wake,
i pray our souls we’ll join again.

versurile astea… ceva nu e-n regula cu ele. nu stiu exact care a fost inspiratia christinei pentru ea, cred ca eu.
nu atat eu, cat tu.

you’re the dreamer. i’m not.
i’ve been dreaming so, so much, that i’ve forgot
how a beautiful dream usually ends.
so, i wake up in danger, running from this nightmare,
and i sleep on your chest, and there’s nothing to break me,
nothing but the dawn, and the dawn it’s near.

and i wake up, and scream, but you kiss me and tell me,
‘it’s ok.’ and i believe you, and i believe your words.
and i feel like i have to reply, but i don’t know exactly why,
i keep hanging on to a red cloud.

and i get up of our bed, and i put on some jeans,
and, little dreamer, i tell you that ‘ive got to go’,
yet you stare at me, with your beautiful blank face,
and ask yourself what’s making me such a lovely disgrace.

‘i’ve got to go, little dreamer, because you’re a dreamer,
and i’m a dreamer too. i’m still a dreamer,
little dreamer, you’re not enough of a dreamer.’

and i’m not brave enough to keep talking,
so i go find a pen, and paper, to write my thoughts on,
and there i find them, and my eyes hurt when writing,
these final words, final sincere words.

so long, my little dreamer, i will miss your face,
we’ll always stay connected through time and space,
the journey that we shared but are now to leave,
will leave inside of us for eternity.

to my dearest friend.
with love,
and everything we hoped, that could never be,
will live inside of us, for eternity.

This song is actually about a mother whose baby passed away. She tells him they’re connected eventhough they’ve been separated because they’ve shared a nine-month journey that united them for the eternity.

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