Da, deci la engleză am avut de făcut o compunere în care tre’ să explic cu de-a fir a păr de ce-s io o legendă. Am primit tema asta într-un context nefavorabil, marţi, după ce vezi dom’le m-aş fi lăudat prin tot liceul cu 10-le meu primit vinerea trecută, despre care am făcut o referire mică aici.

Şi 10-le de la engleză (care, aşa, ca idee, se ia greu, dar greu de tot), păleşte în faţa glorioasei ore de analiza pieţei.

Aşa. Şi profa mea a primit informaţia cum că…


I was like…

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En fin… printre urlete, am justificat, trăznită justificare…

sunt o legendă, iar informaţia, transmisă pe cale orală, primeşte modificări de la elev la altul…

legendă?!?!??!!!!!!!!! fă-mi o compunere de 2 pagini în care spui, de ce eşti tu o legendă.

and I was like…

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Mnah. Şi marţi, ajuns acasă, am început să coc compunerea. Am făcut-o.


ai făcut compunerea?

da, am scris 3 pagini despre ceea ce mă face pe mine o legendă.

and she was like…


Mă rog. Here it goes.

There are many legends in the world, legendary persons who’ve been travelling through each other’s lifes, since our childhood, when fairytales put us to sleep, each night, by only imagining their action, involving magical creatures, with good or bad powers, fearless creatures leaving to dream about becoming legends on our own, leaving us to dream about fighting on our own against the evil, saving the world, just like they do, just like legends do.

But, fairytale characters are not the only legends we’ve met throughout our lifes. We’ve also met friends, our friends, and they do have magical powers. They can make you feel better with only being there for us, touching our shoulder when bad things happen, encouraging us to stay strong. So, friends are legends too, and they’re some of the biggest legends around.

Teachers are legends. We admire teachers for giving their best to make us the very bests, to convert us into legends on our own, strong, smart legends, because it’s not enough to have a magical power, if you’re not smart enough to know how to use it!

Parents are legends! Enourmous legends, legendary caring persons, who care about the little legends they’re growing up since the very first beginning, and they do care about us even in our adulthood, things which makes them even better, puting them along the other legends I’ve been talking about.

Our idols are legends. Our favourite singer becomes a legend in our eyes, through their talent. Being talented makes you a legend, because there’s at least one person in the world who’s admiring you for their talent.

So, is there something in this world that would make me a legend ? I admit not having any magical power at all. I can’t stand there and fight on my own against dragons, ready to come and change my life for worse. I don’t have any special talents either. I hate drawing; I can’t even paint a house on a white paper, and I can’t play an instrument. My voice is not helping that much, unfortunately, so, I can’t say I’m talented.

Now you’re probably thinking what’s making me the legend that I am ? A legend is a friend, and thankfully, I am a friend to so many persons that I can’t even count them. I’ve been there, helping them through their worst in life, and they were here for me as well. A friend is a caring, funny, intelligent person, and I am a friend. I am a legend.

I am also conscious of how worthy I am. And I know I’m worthy. People should always know how much they worth, and appreciate themselves for their brilliance. A person that wakes up early in the morning, conscious of their place in the world, is a legend. I wake up in the morning, and I’m encouraging myself to make it through the day, because I’m smart, and knowing who I am, what I can, and for what I stand makes me a legend. I am a legend.

I am brave, I do have courage to be proud of myself, and honestly, if there wasn’t any reason to make me feel proud of who I am, each day would probably feel like hell. But I do have reasons to feel proud of me, and sharing it with others it’s something that might make them feel proud of themselves as well, by realising that if I can do it, they can do it too! Because by only fighting for the best, we become legends. I fight. I am a legend.

And as a matter of fact, we’re all legends. We all wake up in the morning sleepy, looking bad, without feeling in the mood, without feeling strong enough to make it through another day. But, somehow, we empower ourselves, so we can, we fight to make it through. We fight. We are legends.


and she was like…

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and I was like…

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and the class was like…

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and now I’m like…

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so I thought.

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