Funniest shit evă.

Cred că e prima dată când îmi curg lacrimile şiroaie la o comedie. =)))))))) OMFG.

Brenda: Damn. Why does the little bitch…
got to bring that shit over here?
OK. Well, maybe she won’t see me.

Cindy: Somebody help me! Brenda!

Brenda: Shit, she saw me.
Oh! Aah!
Thank you, Lord!

Cindy: Aah!

Brenda: OK. Now let that shit just–
just mutilate her white ass and leave.
Damn, bitch, please die!

Cindy: Oh, my God, Brenda! We’re gonna die!

Brenda: It would have just been you…
if you had just shut the fuck up!

Cindy: It’s coming!

Brenda:What is it?
Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
This is a skeleton. This is bones.
Would you run from Calista Flockhart?
Shut your ass up.
Ha, ha, ha!


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